Welcome to mole check day on December 6 at our clinic in Lund!

Welcome to Dr.Dropin

In Dr.Dropin, we strive to make make health services simpler, more affordable and more accessible to those who need them. We have skilled and experienced specialists and healthcare staff, who meet all patients with empathy and respect.

We offer medical specialists in dermatology and gynecology – read more about what we can help you with in our clinics.

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Hos oss får du hjälp av duktiga hudläkare med bred erfarenhet från både offentliga och privata sjukhus. De kan undersöka och behandla de flesta kroniska och akuta hudsjukdomar.

En konsultation kan innefatta bl.a undersökning, mikroskopi, bakterie- eller svamptester och recept.


Our gynecologists have extensive experience in caring for women. They can help you with, among other things, gynecological problems, infertility, examination, ultrasound and menopause problems.

The gynecologists offer private medical care with short waiting times and do not require a referral.

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Meet our doctors!

The doctors at Dr.Dropin meet the patients with understanding, warmth and knowledge.

At Dr.Dropin, experienced doctors like you are specialists in dermatology or gynecology. Our dermatologists treat patients on behalf of Region Skåne, while our gynecologists offer private medical care that does not require a referral.

Meet our medical team
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