About Dr.Dropin

Dr.Dropin is a private operator and provider of health services, with a dedicated healthcare team with high competence and extensive clinical experience. The goal is to offer healthcare to those who need it, when they need it.

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Telefonnummer Lund: 046 – 285 14 25
Telefonnummer Malmö: 040 – 636 82 40

Ombokning / avbokning: måndag-torsdag | 10:00-11:00

Rådgivning med sköterska: måndag-torsdag | 09:00-10:00

Det går alltid att nå oss genom "Mina Vårdkontakter" på 1177.se. Här kan man få rådgivning, receptförnyelse och avboka/omboka besök.

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For remitters

We are an accredited skin clinic and thus the patient only pays a co-payment in case of referral from primary care. So far, we have short waiting times.

Send the referral to:
Dr.Dropin Hudcentrum
Kyrkogatan 19, 222 22 Lund

Dr.Dropin Hudcentrum
Anna Lindhs Plats 2, 211 19 Malmö

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Who is Dr.Dropin?

Dr.Dropin is a private operator and provider of a number of health services. The company was established in Norway in 2017 – first as a general practitioner service, but has later established medical specialist clinics in gynaecology, paediatrics, midwifery, dermatologist as well as psychologist, physiotherapist and chiropractor under one and the same brand.

The goal of Dr.Dropin is to make healthcare simpler, more affordable and more accessible to those who need it. We focus on talented and experienced specialists, therapists and healthcare staff who meet all patients with empathy and respect.

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Dr.Dropin Hudcentrum

Dr. Dropin Norway has seen potential in the Swedish market and has started offering dermatological services in Sweden. Dr.Dropin Hudcentrum offers will soon have two clinics in Sweden: Lund and soon also Malmö. In addition, we offer digital dermatologist services through image consultation.

On behalf of Region Scania, we treat all forms of skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, itching, acne, excessive sweating and hair loss, but also skin cancers such as basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer and malignant melanoma.

You are welcome to us with your skin-related concerns if you have received a referral from your health centre, but it is also possible to send your own referral by logging in to 1177. We prioritize according to severity and referrals from doctors.

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