Photo consultation

Dr.Dropin Hudcentrum now offers photo consultation.

  • Answers to medical questions
  • Submit photos
  • Get a response within 5 days

Submit photos

How photo consultation works

Describe the condition

Answer a couple of questions about yourself and your skin problem.

Submit photos

Add up to two pictures of the skin problem and pay for the consultation.

Get a response within 5 days

The dermatologist assesses the case and you receive an SMS when the answer is ready, but you can also check the answer by logging in here.

What is photo consultation?

Image consultation is an alternative to consultation via video or clinic: just by sending in a couple of pictures of your skin, you can get clarification and help in an efficient and affordable way.

Through an photo consultation, you receive medical advice, drawing up a treatment plan, prescription and referral. Antibiotics are only prescribed over video if there is a clear medical indication.

Price 395,– | Response time 5 days

Submit photos

NOTE: Photo consultation is not suitable for assessing moles, skin cancer or treating severe acne.

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Photo consultation


The dermatologist can help you with many different skin problems through a photo consultation. In cases where the doctor cannot make a clear diagnosis, you will in any case receive advice and guidance on further treatment.


Through an image consultation, you can get help treating e.g.:

Mouth ulcers
Seborrheic eczema
Eyelid inflammation

How to take good photos:

  • Use a neutral background with no distractions
  • Remove jewelry/clothing that may distract from the skin problem
  • Preferably use natural light
  • Use your phone's autofocus
  • Use another object in the image to show the size of the area of interest
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